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Modernize and migrate applications

Windup is a tool that supports large-scale Java application modernization and migration projects across a broad range of transformations and use cases. It automates application code analysis, supports effort estimation, accelerates code migration, and helps you move applications to the cloud and containers.

features and benefits

An automated scalable migration tool

Automated source code analysis

You can select which type of transformations you would like to analyze for. You can decide to exclude certain packages and set some advanced options if needed. Windup will start decompiling your application binaries, and analyze the code against your desired migration paths, and create a powerful set of reports.

Understand application dependencies and shared code

When dealing with large application portfolios, it is critical to understand code dependencies, but also code that is shared between multiple applications. Windup automatically detects and visualizes these dependencies for you.

Manage projects and upload your application

Within the web console, developers and business owners can manage multiple projects by either uploading single apps or grouping bigger application portfolios with dozens or hundreds of applications into projects for analysis. The web console also helps developers create and optimize their reports to detail challenges and create solutions.

Web Console
Custom rule

Highly extensible

Windup is highly extensible by allowing you to create your own rule sets and target runtime labels. Custom rules can be developed to extend existing rule sets, build new migration paths, or enforce certain code standards in your teams. Best of all, it’s very easy to write new rules - either as XML or Groovy. Target runtime labels assess the technologies discovered within applications to determine if they are supported by a specific runtime. Wildfly and Tomcat are the 2 shipped target runtime labels.

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